Russ Bogh for Supervisor

As someone who had the privilege of growing up in the Pass Area, I know firsthand that Riverside County is the perfect place to raise children and build a successful career.

Riverside County is full of good, hard-working people, each wanting to improve the community that they live in for themselves and their neighbors. I have a life-long track record of fighting for Riverside, and I have worked tirelessly to serve the public.

From an early age, my family instilled in me a strong work ethic and the importance of caring for your community. Riverside County is where my wife and I decided to settle down and build our family, and I am dedicated to maintaining strong and vibrant communities so other families have the opportunity to grow and thrive just like mine.

During the 5 years I spent representing Riverside County as a member of the California State Assembly, I proved time and again that I am accountable and invested in one thing: improving the quality of life for families here at home. As your voice in the State Assembly, I fought to pass legislation that ensured benefits for veterans overseas, prioritized our students, and ensured hardworking families get to keep the money they set aside for retirement.

I understand how important it is to continue to fight for the needs of Riverside County, and if elected, I will use the experience I gained in the Legislature to continue that fight. I am committed to representing Riverside families and making sure that our county is known around the state as a safe, friendly, and affordable place to live and work.

Russ Bogh

Russ Bogh has a proven record of supporting public safety. I know him as a thoughtful and reasonable man who has acted in the best interest of us all, throughout his years of legislative efforts.
Former Sheriff Cois Byrd

Board of Supervisors Candidate Russ Bogh of Riverside County calls for immediate termination of KPMG Contract

Bogh calls for public release of all documents associated with KPMG

“Riverside County’s KPMG contract has been a boondoggle and a waste of taxpayer money from the start. Not only is it yet to produce any tangible savings for the county, but every part of this deal has been handled unilaterally in back rooms by the current board – with zero checks and balances,” said Bogh….

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Inland Valley Association of Realtors and East Valley Association of Realtors Endorse Russ Bogh for Riverside County Supervisor

IVAR and EVAR Committees support Russ Bogh

The Inland Valley Association of Realtors and East Valley Association of Realtors have endorsed Russ Bogh for Riverside County Supervisor. “Russ Bogh has an outstanding history as a thoughtful and strong leader in our region.” Said Joe Cusumano President of IVAR. ” Time and again, he has shown a conviction to put people first. Realtors…

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County Doctors Back Bogh

Riverside County Medical Association Endorses Russ Bogh for Riverside County Supervisor

The Riverside County Medical Association after interviewing the top candidates for the 5th District Board of Supervisors, has endorsed Russ Bogh for Supervisor. “Healthcare is an important issue for the supervisors,” said Raj K. Sindher, M.D., President, Riverside County Medical Association. ” Russ Bogh understands the issues affecting health care and is dedicated to ensuring high-quality…

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Riverside Sheriffs’ Association Endorses Russ Bogh for Riverside County Supervisor

Bogh is the Clear Choice of Law Enforcement

The Riverside Sheriffs’ Association (RSA) has endorsed former Assemblyman Russ Bogh for Riverside County Supervisor. Bogh announced that after an intensive and rigorous process by the RSA, he was endorsed by their board. “Russ has the record and vision to lead Riverside County,” said RSA President Bill Young.  “Law enforcement has a true advocate in Russ…

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