Board of Supervisors Candidate Russ Bogh of Riverside County calls for immediate termination of KPMG Contract

Bogh calls for public release of all documents associated with KPMG

April 18, 2018
Contact: Russ Bogh

“Riverside County’s KPMG contract has been a boondoggle and a waste of taxpayer money from the start. Not only is it yet to produce any tangible savings for the county, but every part of this deal has been handled unilaterally in back rooms by the current board – with zero checks and balances,” said Bogh.

“Its time for a change at the County of Riverside. The County has the talent and the personnel to guide us through this fiscal crisis. Its time for Riverside County Supervisors, and their staff, to do the job taxpayers pay them to do.”

“How does a $700,000 contract for a Sheriff’s Department evaluation, suddenly become a $41 million contract for nearly every county agency without any semblance of competitive bidding? The total lack of accountability and transparency for this massive expenditure is unacceptable.”

At the same time, Supervisors have cut over $70 million from our public safety agencies.

“Riverside County taxpayers expect a full accounting of the entire KPMG contracting process, beginning with the original bidding. The residents paying for this exorbitant contract deserve to know why KPMG was chosen in the first place, and what results justified a $40 million contract extension. ”

We have yet to see a single report showing real cost savings for Riverside County taxpayers, nor have taxpayers been given any insight into what appears to be a wholly non-competitive bidding process conducted behind closed doors.”

“I believe in fiscal responsibility, and this is not fiscal responsibility. It’s not fiscally responsible to send tens of millions of dollars to an overseas consulting firm in the name of saving money when we have so many issues facing us here at home. ”

“Riverside County residents are the ones who suffer when money goes to KPMG that could be going to our hospitals, to our streets, or to our public safety officials.”

“There’s no reason to believe that the current County Supervisors, who have been content to throw money at KPMG whenever the opportunity presents itself, will stop at $41 million. In the meantime, County residents are suffering with this bad management decision.

” It’s time to end this contract, cut ties with KPMG and work on taking care of our people.”