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Former Mayors Back Russ Bogh for Riverside County Supervisor, 5th District

Russ Bough for Supervisor | January 25, 2018

Russ Bogh’s campaign announced today that six former Mayors have endorsed him for Riverside County Supervisor, 5th District.

Mayor William “Bill” Batey, Moreno Valley
Mayor Ella Zanowick, Calimesa
Mayor Lori Van Arsdale, Hemet
Mayor Robin Hastings, Moreno Valley
Mayor Mark Searl, Hemet
Mayor Al Landers, Perris

“With Russ Bogh, we got things done,” said former Perris Mayor Al Landers.

“Russ Bogh’s budgeting skills and out of the box thinking resulted in a multi use carpool lane through Moreno Valley at little or no extra cost,” said former Mayor Robin Hastings. “This type of economically sound leadership will be a breath of fresh air, especially during this difficult economic time for Riverside County Government. The County is in dire financial straits and we need experienced leaders like Russ.”

“Russ Bogh’s many years of public service, in addition to his experience as a small business owner have given him a unique perspective in solving issues facing our county,” stated Marc Searl. “As a state legislator, he balanced the budget and eliminated wasteful spending. He has the experience to guide our county through these challenging times and I am proud to support Russ Bogh for Riverside County Supervisor, District 5.”

“I’m pleased to support Russ Bogh. He was a thoughtful and effective representative for our region and is the right choice for County Supervisor,” said former Mayor and retired Fire Captain William “Bill” Batey.

“The County of Riverside is at a crossroads, facing huge challenges that threaten our quality of life and the safety of our families,” Bogh stated. “I am committed and will work hard to make our communities safer and more affordable places to live, do business, and raise a family.”

Russ Bogh is running for the seat currently held by Supervisor Marion Ashley who will be retiring at the end of 2018. District 5 is located in the heart of Riverside County and includes the cities of Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, Moreno Valley, Menifee and Perris.

Join these local leaders in supporting Russ Bogh for Supervisor!

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